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Educating and supporting individuals and families through pregnancy, birth and postpartum
Located in Campbell River, BC
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''It's your body, your baby, your birth''



My name is Jaz Wilson, creator of Wise Womb Childbirth Services, located in Campbell River BC. I am a Certified Birth and Bereavement Doula and Childbirth Educator, trained to provide education and support throughout all outcomes of pregnancy and birth.


I chose the name ''Wise Womb'' because I believe that you and your body are strong, and that you know yourself, your body, and what feels right for you and your baby better than anyone. I am only here to give you tools that will help make navigating your choices during birth a little bit easier. 


My goal is for you to feel empowered about birth whether it is a home birth or a hospital birth, with a Midwife or a Doctor, with or without an epidural, as long as it feels right for YOU. 



My services are inclusive to LGBTQ2+ families and respect all individuals and families from any background.


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Advocating for your preferences by coaching you on informed decision making;

B what are the benefits?

R what are the risks?

A what is the alternative?

I what does my intuition say?

N what will happen if I say no/not right now?

E excuse yourself. Take some time alone or with your partner to think about what you want to do.

D decide


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Wise Womb Childbirth Services

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