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Jaz Wilson, PDCCE, SBD

Current Training & Certificates

-Current student: Bachelor of Science in Nursing Program at North Island College, class of 2023

-Current student: Perinatal Nursing Specialty through BCIT

-Certified Birth & Bereavement Doula, SBD, Stillbirthday University 2020

-Certified Childbirth Educator, PDCCE ProDoula Organization, March 2018


-The Farm Midwife Assistant Workshop, The Farm Midwifery Center TN, September 2017 (7 days)


-Breast & Belly Cast Workshop, The Farm Midwifery Center TN, September 2017

-DONA International Trained Birth Doula, 2015

Hello, and thank you for visiting my website!

My name is Jaz Wilson, creator of Wise Womb Childbirth Services, located in Comox Valley/Campbell River BC. I am a nursing student, Certified Birth and Bereavement Doula, and Childbirth Educator trained to provide education and support throughout all outcomes of pregnancy and birth.


I chose the name ''Wise Womb'' because I believe that you and your body are strong, and that you know yourself, your body, and what feels right for you and your baby better than anyone. I am only here to give you tools that will help make navigating your choices during birth a little bit easier. 


My goal is for you to feel empowered about birth whether it is a home birth or a hospital birth, with a Midwife or a Doctor, with or without an epidural, as long as it feels right for YOU.


My services are inclusive to LGBTQ2+ families and respect all individuals and families from any background.


It is a huge honor to work with people during this special and trans-formative time in their lives, especially when it comes to helping people feel informed and confident in their options regarding labour and birth. Knowledge and support are so powerful; which has inspired me to pursue this work.

My story


I first heard about doulas when I was 18, and from then on, I wanted to become one. After four years of exploring, waiting and dreaming of the right time, in 2015, I was trained as a Birth Doula by DONA International. Here, what began as an interest became something much stronger. It felt like a switch inside of me had turned on and would never turn off. I became obsessed with all things birth and read every book and watched every documentary I could get my hands on.


Due to living on a rural island, I was able to attend ~2 births a year, which only caused my passion to grow. My thirst for knowledge sent me to the world-renowned Farm Midwifery Center in Tennesee to attend a Midwifery assistant workshop taught by my idols: Pamela Hunt, Joanne Santana, Deborah Flowers, Carol Nelson, and UmmSalama Abdulah.


Shortly after attending the workshop, I began my certification as a childbirth educator. This was also when I began our search for a home on Vancouver Island, so I could pursue my career in birth work and attend school. I was then hired as a childbirth educator at Bloom into Mothering. I love getting to know my class members and watching them grow more confident as they learn. This work is such an honor; I am looking forward to spending the rest of my days learning and supporting people and families as they give birth.

My work as a doula and childbirth educator ultimately lead me to want to provide holistic, compassionate and supportive care to expecting individuals and families from within the medical system.  I talk more about why I decided to go from doula to nurse in the story of my logo down below. My current dream is to finish my BSN degree and become a maternity nurse, which will allow me to be able to provide the kind of advocacy and care that I want to provide for families. I hope to always teach childbirth education classes, both in person and virtually. In an ideal world, I would work as a labour and delivery nurse and part time as a doula and childbirth educator!

In July of 2020, I completed my self-paced online Informed Birth Course, which I am immensely proud of. To learn more about it, click here.



My logo


This symbol is near and dear to my heart. Pictured here is my mom and I holding hands, showing off our mother-daughter tattoos of the Celtic symbol for pregnancy, or mother and child. If you look closely, you can see a baby being cradled in the arms or the womb of the mother.

It is an honour to wear this symbol with my mother, and honour our Celtic heritage. I chose to have it tattooed on my hand so that whenever I look at it, I remember why I am pursuing the path that I am pursuing. As much as I LOVE what doula's do, I found that while attending births, my attention wandered away from providing emotional and physical support and wavered towards the clinical tasks that the nurse or midwife were performing.

I found myself wanting to check my clients blood pressure, babies heart tones, fetal station, and other clinical skills. I had to acknowledge that my heart was not fully happy, and that due to this I was not being fully present with my clients, even though everything else about being a doula felt so right.

My tattoo reminds me to follow my heart, even when it means making difficult decisions.

Thank you for reading. I am always happy to chat and answer any questions.

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