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Self-Paced Informed Birth Course

A complete childbirth education course that you can watch in the comfort of your home!

This course is for...


• First time parents

• People who have given birth before but want to refresh their knowledge

•  Those who want to be aware of all of their options

• Those who want to learn how to make informed decisions and reduce unwanted medical interventions

• Those planning a home birth

• Those planning a hospital birth

• Those who may be open to or who have a goal of un-medicated childbirth

• Those who may be open to using pain medications and want to learn about their options in an open, non-judgmental way

• Anyone interested in birth or who will be supporting their friend/family member through labour



You will get...

•  8 Modules full of 7.5 hours of childbirth education videos, broken down into easily digestible sections

•  Workbooks and answer keys

•  Informative handouts for affirmations, birth and postpartum plans, positions, visualizations and more

•  Recommended resources

•  Tips for birth partners throughout the course, plus a whole dedicated section for partner support (with and without a doula)

•  A Facebook group where you can interact with other expecting parents, share information and ask questions (moderated by course creator Jaz Wilson)

•  ONGOING access (buying this course is like buying a book!)



My name is Jaz Wilson, I love talking about all things pregnancy and birth and have been working in the birth field since 2015 when I attended my first Doula training with DONA International. I am a ProDoula Certified Childbirth Educator (PDCCE) and Certified Birth and Bereavement Doula (SBD). I am also a nursing student in my fourth year of a Bachelor of Science in Nursing program and am working towards the Perinatal Nursing Specialty through BCIT. I also participated in a week-long Midwife Assistant training at the Farm Midwifery center in Tennessee. This background has given me an appreciation for births in all settings, knowing that the most important thing is that you give birth where you feel safe!

To learn more about me and my qualifications,

Who am I?

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Read what people are saying about the Informed Birth Course



''I loved how accessible this course was, I was able to find information on every topic, at all times of the night and day. I learned so much I didn't know about at all before taking this course, even though I was in a program in my community, which was very lacking in comparison. This course made me feel mentally prepared for each step before it came, and was a place I could go to for comfort when I was uncertain.''


Investment: 67$ CAD 

Available at this price for a limited time
Prices will be increasing to 77$ CAD in January 2023

10% of course proceeds go to the Qwalayu House in Campbell River, which supports pregnant individuals and their families who live out of town as they access health services.


Every year on Truth & Reconciliation Day (September 30th), 100% of course proceeds from purchases on September 30th will be donated to Indian Residential School Survivors Society . Click on the links to learn more about these amazing organizations!

If you are not satisfied with the course, you can receive a 100% refund within 30 days of your purchase.

Once you purchase the course, an e-mail containing the course access code will be sent to you within 1-2 business days.

Please contact me if you would like to discuss a payment plan

You will learn...


Preparing for birth- Mind

Module 1

Finding your birth philosophy

Care provider options and the role of an OB, GP, Midwife, Nurse, and Doula

Why you should be involved in the decision making

The hormones of labour and the impacts of fear, pain, and relaxation

•  Working through birth fears

•  Understanding your sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems

Breathing techniques and visualizations



Preparing for birth- Body

Module 2

•  Understanding the anatomy and physiology of labour

•  The 6 ways labour progresses

•  Ways to encourage baby and your pelvis to be in the optimal position for birth

•  Benefits of perineal massage

•  Alternative medicines and therapies

•  Pelvic floor awareness and strengthening

•   Options for turning a breech baby

Screenshot (22).png

Comfort measures & support

Module 3

•  Comfort measures and natural pain relief

•   Acupressure, counter-pressure, massage, Mexican Rebozo techniques, birth ball positions

•   Position circuit for epidurals

•   Benefits of sterile water injections and TENS machine

•   Birth partner: tips on labour support with or without a Doula


What to expect in early labour

Module 4

•  How to know when you are in labour

•   Normal early labour contractions, behavior and coping techniques

•  When to call your care provider

•   Induction and augmentation: natural and medical options

•  Tips for informed decision making

•   Navigating possible early labour complications and your options

•   Pain relief for early labour: natural and medical


What to expect in active labour

Module 5

•  Normal active labour contractions, behavior and coping techniques

•   Benefits of water birth

•  When to go to the hospital

•   Navigating potential active labour complications and your options: Intervention cascade

•  Home birth transfer

•  Communicating with your care provider

•   Fetal monitoring

•   Pain relief for active labour: natural and medical


What to expect in Transition & pushing

Module 6

•  Normal transition contractions, behavior and coping techniques

•   Navigating potential complications and your options

•  Ecstatic birth and the fetal ejection reflex

•  What to expect in the pushing phase

•  Assisted delivery: vacuum or forceps

•   Tips to avoid episiotomy and tearing

•   Pain relief for transition: natural and medical


Cesarean birth

Module 7

•  What to expect in a belly birth

•   Causes of cesarean births

•  The difference between unplanned and emergency cesareans

•  Tips to make yourself more comfortable

•  Cesarean prevention

•  VBAC: Vaginal Birth After Cesarean



Module 8

•  Immediate care after the birth

•   Benefits of skin to skin contact

•   Delayed cord clamping

•  The birth of the placenta and what you can do with it

•  Postpartum care plan

•  Life with a newborn

•  Postpartum healing and bonding

•   Breastfeeding basics

View a break down of what is included in each Module

Course sneak-peaks

Module 1: Preparing for Birth, Mind
Hormones of labour
Module 4: Early Labour
Induction & Informed Decision Making

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