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Childbirth Education Classes

Located in Campbell River

Jaz Wilson is an educator at Bloom into Mothering, teaching an empowering and informative 8-hour curriculum. Group classes are available in Campbell River in a series of 4 Monday evenings or weekend classes. Click here to view the current schedule.


Private classes can be customized to your needs and interests.

240$ for a private 4 hour series


Topics for private classes can be customized specifically for you, and can include;

-Your options; where to birth, choosing a care provider and what that might look like

-Anatomy and physiology of labour and birth

-Labour hormones and how to help them help you

-Relief and causes of common ailments during pregnancy

-Nutrition and health during pregnancy

-The creation of a Birth plan

-Tips and techniques on communicating with your care providers and avoiding unnecessary interventions 

-Breathing through labour

-Common behavior through the stages of labour

-Partner support

-Comfort measures/Natural pain relief

-Pain medication and your options

-The postpartum period

-Newborn care



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