''Each wave brings you closer to your baby, and closer to the shore.''

In-Person Childbirth Education Classes

located in Campbell River

If you are ready to feel prepared, informed, empowered and even excited about birth, you have come to the right place! Jaz Wilson believes that birth is a powerful, unique and amazing experience that is greatly benefited by tools that can help you relax, ride the waves of labour, and make informed decisions that feel right for you.

Group Classes

 Jaz is currently teaching group classes at Bloom into Mothering, leading an empowering and informative 8-hour curriculum. Group classes are available in Campbell River in a series of 4 Monday evenings or weekend classes. Click here to view the current schedule.


Cost: 150$ for you and your birth partner




Private classes can be customized to your needs and interests.


Cost: 240$ for a complete private 4 hour series

Due to COVID-19, class sizes are being restricted to 3 couples for social distancing and instructors will wear masks (masks for class attendees are at their own discretion).


Topics covered:

-Pre-labour vs labour

-Anatomy and physiology of labour and birth

-Common behavior through the stages of labour

-Labour hormones and how to help them help you

-The creation of a Birth plan

-Relaxation techniques and partner bonding

-Breathing through labour

-Partner support

-Common interventions and why they are used

-Tips and techniques on communicating with your care providers and avoiding unnecessary interventions

-Comfort measures/Natural pain relief

-Pain medication and your options

-Cesarean birth

-The postpartum period

-Newborn care



Private Classes

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